What is Prevailing Wage?

Prevailing Wage, SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 Under New York State law, private companies contracted to work on the construction or maintenance of a public works project (like the construction of a new State or City-owned hospital) must pay their workers the “prevailing wage”. Although most employers know better, some do not pay their workers the prevailing wage for the work they are performing.

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Prevailing wage in NY / Construction or maintenance of a public works project – Prevailing wage cover overtime pay and fringe benefits for workers.  In The City of New York, prevailing wages are determined by the City’s Office of the Comptroller...

Prevailing wage rules cover more than just the wages workers are paid. They also can cover overtime pay and fringe benefits for the workers. Failing to pay this wage can be a violation of New York State law. Prevailing wage rates are determined beforehand and can differ depending upon the area where the work is being performed and the job (among other factors) the worker is performing. The requirement to pay a prevailing wage to many (not all) workers on public projects are set forth in the New York State Constitution and is also referenced in sections of the New York State Labor Law. The State Department of Labor decides the prevailing wages for most areas. However, in The City of New York, prevailing wages are determined by the City’s Office of the Comptroller.

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