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Many people never give thought to a boat accident until they become a victim.  In New York City, Long Island, and surrounding areas there are numerous opportunities for residents and those on vacation to enjoy relaxing or recreation on the water.  However, just as with a vehicle, a ferry boat accident or any accident involving a boat can occur due to the negligence of others.  When in search of a boat accident lawyer who will fight aggressively on your behalf and work to obtain the full damages you deserve, count on The Law Office of Jay D. Jacobson PLLC.

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Each year, boat accident attorneys represent victims who were injured in various types of accidents involving boats.  You may have been fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, snorkeling, or simply enjoying a relaxing ride.  Whether you were involved in a ferry or cruise boat accident, or under circumstances in which you were in your own boat, those who are careless or engage in negligent behavior should be held accountable.  Just as with other types of accidents caused by negligence, you deserve compensation of costs associated with your injuries, including medical and doctor expenses, lost wages, future income, pain and suffering, and more.

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The first step you should take when injured in an accident involving any type of watercraft is to seek treatment for your injuries.  Once you are able, it is critical to contact a New York City boat accident attorney at once so that your legal rights can be protected, an investigation performed, and an effective legal strategy developed to ensure you are fairly compensated should your case go to court.

Across the state, boating is popular due to all of the lakes and waterways New York has to offer.  Still, a day of recreation can result in tragedy, as individuals often get out on the water when under the influence of alcohol or drugs; some simply do not know how to properly navigate a boat, which can result in innocent individuals suffering injuries.  Whether you have suffered serious injuries or someone in your family has lost his/her life due to a boat accident, the related costs can be overwhelming, and much more than you could imagine.  Between medical bills, the inability to work for the short- or long-term, pain and suffering, property damage, and other costs, the expense can leave you facing tough financial issues.  This is why it is critical to work with a highly skilled and dedicated Long Island boat accident lawyer.

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Whether you sustain injuries in an open motorboat, personal watercraft, cabin motorboat, canoe/kayak, pontoon or ferry boat accident, some of the most common injuries include broken bones, head injuries, lacerations, hypothermia, or even drowning in the worst case scenario.  Whether on a personal vessel or cruise ship, when someone sustains injuries serious enough to require medical attention or result in lost work, disability, or even worse it is vital to contact an attorney immediately, so that work can begin on your case while all of the details are fresh and still intact.

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When you have been involved in a boat accident, it is essential to the success of your case that a boat accident investigation be performed right away.  There are countless boat accident attorneys in the New York City & Long Island areas, however it is important you consult with a lawyer who is skilled, experienced, and dedicated to reaching the outcome you deserve.  At The Law Office of Jay D. Jacobson PLLC, we are committed to exceptional results and will work diligently to collect every penny you or a loved one deserve.  Contact our firm now for unparalleled legal guidance and support.

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