good litigator put himself beyond the possibility of losing a case by preparing – Jay D. Jacobson, Esq.
With both insurance, litigation, experience and thorough understanding of state laws, Jay D Jacobson’s unparalleled approach to taking on the most difficult cases and turning them into winning verdicts is unsurpassed.

Why You Should Not Call Me?

  1. If you are looking to make a quick buck from an accident.
  2. If you have not suffered an injury that has truly affected your daily life.
  3. If you are not willing to fully participate in the prosecution of your own case.

Why do I say that I will only handle cases for people and families that have suffered terribly? I say this because I am a solo practitioner. I have a small, faithful staff that devotes all our time and effort to helping people who need help. We do not wish to waste our time and effort on people who are only looking to make money from their situation. We want to use our time and effort to represent people who need money because of the situation has caused them to lose a part of their life and health and need to be compensated.

I handle every case personally, without the help of partners or associates. I tried it for years and I felt like it does not help the client come to a successful conclusion as much as one lawyer from start to finish. I am the one that initially interviews my clients. I do not use a paralegal or an investigator. Not only do I get to meet my client, but it gives me a better understanding of the accident particulars as I prosecute the case during the litigation stage and eventually at trial. It also allows me to understand the needs of my clients and their families. One attorney will attend your deposition, me. There will be no associate attorney or outside attorney doing this. I will prepare you for the deposition and be able to advise you though the cross examination that you will experience. As I have been with you since the first day.

My preparation of you will not be the first time I am meeting you. I will already know all I can about you and your case. The most important part of any litigation is trial. When I take your case to trial I will have spent years with you as my client. I will not be reading your file the night before jury selection. We will have prepared for the trial years in advance. Every document in your file and every litigation strategy I employ will have been tailored from Day 1 for your trial. It will not be a piecemeal effort by an 800 number law firm with dozens of attorneys and hundreds of paralegals from all over New York State. It will be just me.